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Tommy Bertrand 

Player Advisor / Founder

Tommy is the founder of Bertrand's Talents. Since creating the group in 2020, the mission of Bertrand’s Talents has always been to provide the best services to each single client. Throughout his playing time at the junior and NCAA level, Tommy recognized the value and importance of having the right guidance and people behind you during your career. Tommy’s expertise comes from his knowledge of the Junior and College landscape. His resources and connections at that level enables him to provide his clients with top of the line guidance to help them get to the next level. Tommy is now based in Montreal, Quebec.


Phone: 514 243 4250


Dominic Boily.png

Dominic Boily

Player Advisor / Vice-President

Following the mission and vision of Bertrand’s Talents, Dominic has been able to understand and comprehend the Junior, College and Professional landscape through his playing days at the Junior and collegiate level. Beyond his playing career, Dominic spent some time with the Nashville Predators in the NHL at the front office level. With his goaltending background, he is able to connect with goalies and dive into their game in order to maximize performance and opportunities. Originally from Montreal, Dominic now resides in St Louis, Missouri.




Phone: 314 775 4269



Bryce Misley 

Player Advisor / Director of Scouting

Bryce, an NHL draft pick and an alumni of Vermont University, has a unique blend of experiences that make him an exceptional asset to Bertrand's Talents. Being a 4th round pick by the Minnesota Wild, Bryce's journey through the hockey world has given him invaluable insights into the challenges and demands of pursuing a professional sports career. His time at Vermont University provided him with a solid foundation in academics and personal growth, emphasizing discipline, teamwork, and time management. These qualities, combined with his own experiences navigating the ups and downs of the hockey world, enable Bryce to empathize with the pressures and aspirations of young athletes and their families. With his firsthand knowledge of the hockey landscape and his ability to relate to the unique challenges faced by aspiring athletes, Bryce Misley serves as an excellent family advisor, guiding and supporting them in making well-informed decisions for their future.


Phone: 647 926 9959



Tristan Gagnon 

Player Advisor

Tristan is a diligent agent/ family advisor who leverages his extensive professional and junior hockey background to the advantage of his clients. His profound understanding of the industry landscape, coupled with the relationships he has cultivated, empowers him to generate opportunities for players. Being fresh out of the system as a player, Tristan understands the reality that current elite level hockey players are going through and he maximizes the potential and developement of his clients. Tristan operates out of Sherbrooke, Quebec..


Phone: 873 682 1666


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